Last night Starbucks showed us how to do statistics right with a powerful commercial that aired during the Grammy Awards. It’s a great lesson for nonprofit communications. Take a look to see how you can use data more effectivley to support your nonprofit communications strategy.

The ad shows Starbucks contribution to the world and thanks the viewer for being a part of it. The company uses data to show its impact creating jobs, funding education, and improving the environment. It blends inspiring images with a moving soundtrack to tell a powerful story, all supported by data. On-screen titles tell the viewer, “it may seem like another cup of coffee but it added up to a world of good.”

We’ve all seen data drain the emotion from communications. How is this commercial different? It is powered by the story and by emotion not by the numbers. By making the viewer part of the story, Starbucks puts people first. Data supports the message but numbers aren’t the message.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out some of the tweets:

Amazing ad @Starbucks – bold global Goodness can be achieved alongside commercial success!

This Starbucks commercial is making me so emotional. I’m so proud to work for such an amazing company ❤️☕️

Beautiful @Starbucks ad. “Your name next to ours'” Inclusive, wise, grateful and strong. Wow.