How we work

While each client is unique, our process frequently includes these steps:

Set clear goals

We identify the change you want to achieve, and then we create a plan that will get you there.


Target the audience

We identify the people who can help you achieve your goals. We learn as much as we can about them to discern the best ways to reach them.


Position your organization

We help you explain what you do and why it matters in language that resonates with your audience.


Develop a strategy

We consider an array of communications tactics order to develop a strategy that achieves your goals and meets your budget requirements.


Craft compelling messages

Do you deal with complex concepts, which require their own internal jargon? We help you find a clear, common language that makes your work meaningful to external audiences.


Tell your story

Great communications requires great storytelling. We help you tell your story powerfully and effectively.


Deliver results

When it’s time to put your strategy into action, you can count on us. We have the know-how to carry out a media relations campaign, produce online, print and video materials, organize special events and design a content-distribution strategy.


Measure impact

We can work with you to track results, build on successes and keep your organization in the public eye.