I have been privileged to spend decades doing high-impact communications alongside colleagues who shared my passion for making our world a little better with each assignment. 

Today I am announcing a new venture as a career development coach to guide and support others who want to use their professional lives to make a difference.

In this chapter I am incorporating everything I have learned about career development, communications, marketing, and running a successful business. I bring the same creativity, determination and can-do spirit that has always been my style.

My coaching involves a series of transformational conversations to align careers with values, challenge limiting beliefs, and guide clients to step outside their comfort zones. It is an iterative process driven by inquiry and focused on impact. As a communications entrepreneur and a social change leader, I offer actionable advice to tell stories, craft brands, and strengthen networks—all essential for leadership and impact.  

To my coaching clients, thank you for trusting me to help you achieve your goals. To my consulting clients, thank you for trusting me to share your vision. It has been an honor to work with each of you. 

I am excited to work with all of you in this new way, to help you transform your careers and amplify your impact. Please reach out to me if you would like to learn more about coaching (or just to say hello.) We will continue to do great things together in the future.

Keep your eyes open for my new website. It’s coming soon!