With the launch of a new website, name and logo, I just rebranded my company. I’ve gone from the purple logo that served me well for the past 15 years to a sleek forward-looking logo and design. The new website uses larger visuals and tighter copy. Even the name is shorter; I dropped “Amy” to be Sutnick Plotch Communications.

branding-imageThis required plenty of work. I struggled over the website copy, considered variations on the logo, thought about the meaning of color and
shape. But the advance work was most important. Taking the time to lay the groundwork is key for a successful rebranding project. Once you’ve decided to rebrand, take these five steps before you start working on content and design.

Articulate why you are rebranding

Has your mission changed? Is your work dramatically different? Does your identity feel out of date? Is it too similar to another organization’s? Confusing your audience?

Seek advice

Ask your colleagues, clients, donors and peers how you are perceived and how you could improve that perception. Ask what they see as your greatest strengths.

Assess the competition

Look at your competitors or at peer organizations. What do you like about their brands? What do their logos convey? What are the core massages? What makes them unique? How is your organization similar? How is it different?

Prepare a creative brief

A creative brief is the essential tool for any branding project. It gets your entire creative team, staff and consultants, on the same page and establishes clear expectations. Ask yourself these questions to get started:

  • Reason for rebranding: Explain what you hope to accomplish and how things will be different when you succeed.
  • Target audience: Explain who you want to reach, how they perceive your organization now, and how you would like to change that perception
  • How you want to be perceived: list the attributes you want to associate with your nonprofit

Plan your budget

Know how much you can spend on rebranding. That will guide your planning for design, photography, website development and launching your new identity. Without a budget, the costs can creep up, leaving you without enough resources to promote your brand.

Once you take these steps, you are ready to get started. Want to discuss your next steps? Email me to talk.