If you are a social impact communications geek like me, you are probably frustrated by the fact that the world lacks a stockpile of resources that are indexed, inspirational and up-to-date. Now a new webpage, Frankology, is aiming to fill that gap. Frankology is part the Frank website, produced by the public interest communications program at the University of Florida. The web page features summaries of recent peer-reviewed research from disciplines ranging from neuroscience to economics. The summaries concisely highlight key takeaways for communicators. They are indexed by topic.

Franks writers don’t extrapolate from the research. A recent article about farmers’ views of global warming doesn’t offer analysis of what this means if you are trying to talk to city dwellers about global warming or trying to interest farmers in world hunger. You have to think through those connections yourself and experiment to see if your ideas hold water. That can be time-consuming. But Frank’s database of stories is still in its infancy. As more research is added, it may become easier to see trends and themes that help communicators in their day to day work.

Right now you won’t find research translated into concrete steps to make your communications program more effective. Instead you will find some quirky new research, surprising data and fresh perspectives that just might inspire that big idea you’ve been waiting for.